/ecm is a two-year postgraduate university course that imparts core competencies in the expanded museum and exhibition sector. The goal of this part-time course is to provide an academic foundation and professional credentials for working with art and culture: engagement with relevant theories forms the basis for the development of skills for conceiving, visualizing and mediating projects at institutions and in the independent scene. The course is transdisciplinary and focuses on the development, exhibition, and communication of knowledge in the fields of art and cultural history, contemporary art, technology, nature and science. A group project combines theory and practice, opening an experimental field for “applied exhibiting” in collaborative processes of curatorial research. Through its comprehensive orientation, this postgraduate course provides participants with the tools they need to perform a range of demanding jobs in the cultural sector.


With artistic and discursive contributions as well as collaborations by and with
Ali Dönmez (Initiative “Lasst Kinder gemeinsam lernen!”), Thomas Fritz (Netzwerk SprachenRechte), Julia Fuchs, Fanni Futterknecht, Gabu Heindl, Susan Kraupp, Elsa Plainacher Kollektiv, Samuel Mago (HÖR), Daphne Nechyba, mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni, Anna Paul, Abdullah Qureshi, Oliver Ressler, Rubia Salgado (maiz/das kollektiv), Katharina Tyran (Croatian Center Vienna), Cameron Ugbodu, Queer Museum Vienna, Platz für Wien, Kreative Räume Wien and participants of the /ecm.

Curated by participants of the /ecm master’s program in exhibition theory und practice 2020-2022
Miriam Bankier, Muhammet Ali Bas, Gabriela DelCid, Daniel Egg, Markus Eiblmayr, Livia Erdösi, Elisabeth Feining, Julia Feldmann, Markus Fösl, Friederike Gollmann, Sophie Halder, Stephan Kuss, Julia Luftensteiner, Claudia Mark, Ulrike Palm, Silke Peintinger, Katrin Prankl, Timo Sadovnik, Barbara Schneider, Valerie Soran, Ricarda Steigmeier, Franziska Winkler, Olivia Wohlgemuth, Bettina Zöttl

/ecm executive team Martina Griesser-Stermscheg, Christine Haupt-Stummer, Renate Höllwart, Beatrice Jaschke, Monika Sommer, Nora Sternfeld, Luisa Ziaja

/ecm assistance Frank Müller, Marion Oberhofer

In collaboration with Jessica Beer, Alexandra Feichtner, Gabu Heindl, Toledo i Dertschei

Thanks to bene, HEPR Consult GmbH, Volkskundemuseum Wien

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