The Public Program “Are we there yet?” poses questions of equality in relations of inequality and investigates how a good life for all is possible. But what does that actually mean?

Crises and related real urgencies form the background for intersectional cooperations that can imagine the world differently. In collaborative processes, artistic, activist and creative imaginations emerge that share resources, shift relations and move power.

We question current distributions of spatial resources on various levels. What laws, rules, norms and behaviours apply in spaces and how can these be made visible, reflected, decoded, prised open, thwarted and changed? Who has power over public space? Who is excluded from its use? Beyond the present, we look at crises in the crisis to shift power relations in language, education and knowledge. At the same time, we want to open spaces for diversity to increase visibility of anti-racist and queer positions.

Alongside performances, city walks and interventions in public space, artistic contributions and discursive processes will be gathered at the Angewandte in Flux 2.

While we discuss, walk and imagine, spaces emerge that we could not have imagined: Spaces in which we take and give space, create and share it.

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